Service level assurance

1. For reasons that should be attributed to Tatsuno Information System Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "the Company"), the whole environment with one sign up ID at the top is considered as one user, and the same shall apply hereinafter. )) If the monthly occupancy rate of learningBOX (hereinafter referred to as "the Service") is less than 95%, the Company will use the user for the current month (about the option fee included in the initial fee) ) Will be reduced to the corresponding user by 15%. The monthly occupancy rate is the value obtained by the following formula for this service used by the user during the current month.

Monthly Operation Rate = (Total Monthly Operating Time - Cumulative Failure Time) ÷ Total Monthly Operating Time × 100

  • Total Monthly Operating Hours
  • 720 hours, which is the operating time calculated with 30 days as a month and 24 hours as a day
  • Cumulative Failure Time
  • The time we have confirmed that we have been in the conditions specified in any of following items (hereinafter collectively referred to as "failure") for 3 minutes or more.
  • (1)Condition that the user cannot sign in this service
  • (2)Condition that the user cannot access the service at all
  • (3)Condition that there is a serious bug in this service, and the user cannot learn

2. If the user thinks that a failure has occurred in the server he / she uses, he / she shall declare the fact to the Company by the 15th day of following month in which the failure occurred, using the prescribed application form. As a result of investigation based on the report, the Company shall reduce the amount stated in the preceding paragraph only when the monthly occupancy rate is less than 95% and it is determined that the condition is attributable to the Company's responsibility.

3. The Company shall reduce the amount stated in paragraph 1 by deducting from the amount charged for usage charges after the following month in which the failure occurred.

4. Even if the requirements set forth in paragraphs 1 and 2 are met, the Company shall not reduce the amount set forth in paragraph 1 if a failure occurs for any of following items.

  • (1)Interruption of service due to regular maintenance. The Company shall display this on the website of our service one week before the interruption, and it shall be deemed that the Company has notified the user.
  • (2)In case of urgent maintenance of this service
  • (3)When a user violates these Terms and Conditions
  • (4)In case of malfunction on OS or middleware
  • (5)Cases caused by issues other than our application used for this service, such as domain suspension due to user environment, Internet environment issues or DNS server issues
  • (6)When the virtualization software is defective
  • (7)In case of attack or obstruction from a third party
  • (8)When the user cannot measure duration of failure for any reason
  • (9)When the service cannot be provided due to a fire or a power outage
  • (10)When the service cannot be provided due to a natural disaster such as the earthquake, eruption, flood, or tsunami
  • (11)When the service cannot be provided due to war, turbulence, riot, disturbance, labor dispute, etc.
  • (12)When the Company determines that the service needs to be temporarily suspended for other operational or technical reasons

Above all